I’m Chan Walrus! Or as some of you may know me: Alex O’Neil. Check out some of my work by clicking on the areas below. I make Films, Royalty Free Music, Gaming Videos and much, much more!

Chan Walrus: Space AdventureR

The Adventures of Chan Walrus and Christopher T Mandrake, as they explore the universe together! Check out the latest episode or view the entire series: by clicking: Here

Space Station 13

Space Station 13 is one of the COOLEST games around. If you’re interested in checking out some of the brilliant games and stories I’ve enjoyed being a part of, click on the Mini Putt!

Royalty Free Music
I and my brother David make Royalty Free Music that can be used in any project you wish. Feel free to download and use the music for free from our site. You can also support us if you like by donating… But it’s not necessary. Use of the music is covered by our license which we can’t be bothered to change. We hope you enjoy the music and all our work! Here is our latest piece!


Here are some of my films! To select a film from this playlist, click the playlist icon at the top of the video.


Here are some of the games I’ve worked on or had my music featured in!

About Me:

I am an independent film maker who has worked on over 175 Films and Short Films. As a composer I work electronically using a combination of digital synthesizers and computer technology. I enjoy acting, directing, producing, filming, editing and working on all other aspects of film making. Outside this line of work, I am a digital marketer and web designer.

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Long Term Sponsors and Supporters

There have been some amazing people who have kept me going and helped me through regardless of how difficult times have become. These people are some of the best in the world, and I owe them so much for allowing me to keep making things and progressing. To be able to make things for people’s enjoyment. Thank you so much!

Levy&Co Solicitors

Levy & Co Solicitors LLP supported me through a really bad time in my life. I’d been accused of a crime I hadn’t committed, and they helped me get through almost two years of my life being completely derailed. They even provided support for me trying to arrange to see my son, and now I work for them as a web designer. I could not ask for a better group of people to represent me. They have inspired me to pursue law and study it in my spare time. I’d recommend them to anyone. 

Shadebob Games

Shadebob Games consists of myself, the talented artist Stefan Sava and our maganimous leader,  Yanick Bourbeau. Shadebob has been more than a job for me, they are two of my best friends and have helped me through all sorts. Together we worked on Infinitrap: Rehamstered. Which is a darned amazing game. You can get it here, on steam: